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Screaming Senile 12 Inch (splatter vinyl)


New EP 12” splattered vinyl

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The brand new UK Subs EP on a 12” splattered colour vinyl featuring 4 brand new tracks, PLUS a special bonus track.

Bonus track information: 

As part of our musical submissions for the forthcoming UK Subs’ EP we have decided to re-record a song that was a single for us back in 1981: ‘Keep on Running.’ The thinking behind this revisit is twofold. A number of people have asked us what album this track resides on, the answer being of course that ‘Keep on Running’ does not appear on any Subs’ LP and is only available in the original 45 rpm vinyl format from ‘81. This is not always easy to obtain, so by making it available on the EP it will be accessible to all those who like the song while simultaneously saving them the effort of having to source it from record dealers online. Secondly, when Alvin Gibbs originally wrote the music it sounded quite different from what ended up on the record. Alvin’s original version was more Johnny Thunders than the Police – it was Nicky Garratt who wanted a more polished sound and so inserted the ‘Message in a Bottle’ style picking guitar that you can hear throughout the primary cut. We therefore intend to record a version that is closer to Alvin’s original vision of how the songs should have sounded – rawer and more ’77 Punk rock than 1980’s New Wave. We hope you’ll agree this will make a very interesting addition to our EP release.